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Want to learn Italian the real way?

Ciao! My name is Arianna Di Nardo and I’m a Language Coach and native Italian speaker, specialized in one-on-one Italian lessons, with students from all around the globe!

I’m here to help you learn Italian effectively through a personalized coaching program based on your needs, goals, and passions.

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The Italian Language Coach Program is for you if...

You want to learn Italian from scratch but don’t know where to start and need a step-by-step guide to learn it effectively.

You have trouble being consistent and need a coach to help you stay focused on your goals.

You have tried to study Italian on your own but haven’t been able to reach the level you hoped for.

You need a more creative and stimulating approach because you find traditional studying methods really boring.

Thanks to the Italian Language Coach
Program you will...

Feel as if you were in Italy 🤌

Learning Italian does not only mean learning the Italian language, but also Italian culture, traditions, and gestures that characterize Italians. To do this, I will share with you authentic Italian materials created and selected specifically for you.

Be consistent 📅

To (seriously) learn a foreign language, it is necessary to be consistent. Having a lesson with me every week will help you stay consistent and motivated.

Learn Naturally 🌱

Forget about boring grammar rules. I will help you learn Italian in a creative and effective way, using a natural approach to the language through videos, images, examples, and simplified texts created ad hoc!

Learn how to learn 🚀

This is the most important point. I will teach you a methodology for learning Italian effectively, based on brain function and scientific research. In this way, after an initial period where I will guide you step by step in your learning journey, you will be able to continue learning Italian independently.

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  • Beginner
  • Upper
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced

Lessons include

  • Curriculum
  • Homework
  • Learning Materials
  • Lesson Plans
  • Proficiency Assessment
  • Tests
  • Reading Exercises
  • Writing Exercises
  • Shared folder
  • Coaching sessions
  • Quizzes


  • Accent Reduction
  • Grammar Development
  • Interview Preparation
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Phonetics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Speaking Practice
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Writing Correction
  • Student Requests

☀️ Half Marche, half Puglia

I live in Fano, a small town in central Italy but my family is originally from Puglia, a region in the South of Italy.

📚 Education

I have a degree in foreign languages and literatures and one in communication and marketing.

In 2020, I attended a Master’s program in Coaching and I am currently attending a Master’s program in “Teaching Italian to Foreigners” to further perfect my teaching method.

👩‍🏫 My Teaching Expercience

I started teaching Italian one-to-one in 2020 on an online platform called Verbling.

So far, I have taught for over 1.000 hours to more than 50 students from all over the world.

💻 Lifelong Learner

A significant portion of my lesson revenue is invested in education (to stay up-to-date on the most effective teaching methods and to offer you the highest quality lessons) and in technology (to provide you with the best tools to learn Italian).

💃 Not the “traditional teacher”

In addition to teaching Italian, I teach salsa and bachata in a dance school in my town.

I am also a digital entrepreneur: I work independently and create online content for my students.

🧳 More about me?

I love traveling, dancing, teaching, and… learning! I believe in lifelong learning. The brain never stops learning if we give it the right stimuli.

I speak 4 languages: Italian (naturally!), English, Spanish, and French. I have lived in Nice, Valencia, and Murcia, Spain.

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First time?
Book a trial lesson!

A free trial lesson lasts for 15 minutes, which is enough time for us to get to know each other and understand your level of Italian, your goals, and your needs.


Got questions? I've got answers!

A free trial lesson lasts for 15 minutes, which is enough time for us to get to know each other and understand your level of Italian, your goals, and your needs.

No, only one trial lesson is allowed per student.

Certainly. Once you finish the trial lesson, you will receive an email with all the instructions on how to purchase the next lessons. You can decide whether to purchase 1, 5, or 10 lessons. Lesson packages are discounted. After purchasing the lessons, you can schedule your first 55-minute lesson with me. At the end of this lesson, I will send you a calendar where you can book the subsequent lessons.

Certainly, once you have booked a lesson you are free to reschedule it for another day/time. You just need to follow the instructions you will receive via email once you have booked the lesson.

Purchased lessons cannot be cancelled, but they can be rescheduled within 6 months from the date of purchase.

If you are sick, please let me know at least 1 hour before by sending an email to so that we can reschedule the lesson for another day.

NOTE: Conversely, if your Italian Language Coach is sick and unable to conduct the lesson, you will be notified with at least 1 hour’s notice and the lesson will be rescheduled for another day.

You can schedule lessons within 6 months from the purchase date. This is to keep you consistent and motivated. Unused lessons are not refunded.


Of course, send an email to with the subject “gift” and we will prepare a gift package for your special person!

Certainly, in this case you will take a couple’s lesson. Send an email to with the subject “couple” to access a discounted price for couples.

You can record the lessons for individual use only.

Certainly, to receive the purchase invoice, send an email to with the subject “invoice”.

You can pay for the lessons by credit card or bank transfer. To know the IBAN, send an email to and I will give you all the instructions.

The lessons are completely personalized based on your language level, goals, and passions. I will organize and share authentic Italian material with you based on your needs. I will create a shared folder on Google Drive that you can access at any time. In this folder, I will put all the material that I have shared with you during the lessons and you can share your homework with me. You will find yourself in a welcoming environment that will allow you to learn Italian in a pleasant and effective way.

No, I will provide you with all the necessary resources to learn Italian, based on your level and goals.

The trial lesson takes place on Google Meet (you will automatically receive the link for the video call once you select the time and date on the website). The 55-minute lessons can take place on Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype: you can choose the platform you prefer!

A purchased lesson lasts for 55 minutes.

Of course. My mission is to take you from zero to understanding and speaking Italian fluently. However, the Italian Language Coach program is aimed at both beginner and intermediate/advanced level students because it is based on your level, needs, and goals.

Certainly, if your CV is in English, Spanish, or French, I can help you. Book an Italian lesson with me and we will translate it together. It may take one or two lessons depending on the length and information included in your CV.

If there is availability in the calendar, yes.

You can purchase as many lessons as you need. You can buy up to ten lessons at a time.

Unfortunately, if you do not notify me at least 12 hours before the lesson by sending an email to, you will not be able to make up the lesson. I value my time and that of my students.

I’m sorry, the Italian Language Coach program is designed for people over 16 years old.

Certainly, each student will have their own shared folder and can access all the materials used during the lessons.

Installment payments are not available, but you can choose to purchase a single lesson or a package of five lessons instead of a package of ten lessons.

What my students say

I decided, and started to learn Italian Autumn after me and my wife Liza had bought a little house in Grottazzolina in Le Marche region.

I got recommended by a friend to try out Verbling as the ”tutor”. I didn’t have any experience of any of the Italian teachers so it was more by chance I chose Arianna.
A ”gambling” I haven’t regretted one millisecond. Now I’ve had +60 lessons with Arianna and will continue as long as needed.

I look forward to every lesson (also to those where I haven’t had time to do the homework) for a number of reasons. It’s so much fun having conversations not only about the language, but also around Italian culture, food and geography.

I am interested in languages, so I don’t only want to learn how to speak, but also understand how ”Italian is built up and works”. Italian is a quite complex language with many nuances – from Arianna I get it played out in a super pedagogical manner.
And … the materials we compose under each lesson are great – I love her ”tabelle” (mi piace le sue tabelle!).

Try her out!

 Håkan, Sweden

Arianna is an amazing teacher with her unique ability to help me learn the Italian language with an engaging, personal teaching style that has helped me start speaking and understanding the Italian language in a short amount of time.

While I still have so much to learn, Arianna comes to each lesson prepared and focused on my individual needs that makes me feel comfortable to try, learn, make mistakes and understand why and then gives me the confidence to continue moving forward in my learning of the Italian language.

Arianna’s love and passion of Italy and the Italian language is authentic and I really appreciate all she has taught me in a short amount of time.

I highly recommend Arianna as a teacher if you truly want to learn the Italian language in a personal, fun, engaging and positive learning environment.

Greg, USA

Arianna is intelligent, patient, kind, enthusiastic, well-prepared, and organized. Her explanations are clear and thorough and she is adept at tailoring lessons to meet a student’s individual needs.

She creates a comfortable learning environment in which a student can thrive. She is tech-savvy and utilizes all the technological platforms that Verbling offers.

I highly recommend Arianna.

Andrew, USA

Arianna is a fantastic teacher. It’s evident that she is enthusiastic about teaching, and always gets as excited as I do when she shows me something new. Her lessons range from casual, where we chat about anything in general while showing me how to translate the topics into Italian, to structured, with specific goals and formal learning materials. She can switch topics on a whim, as needed, if a question comes up about another topic during the lesson. She goes the extra mile and even uses tools & resources outside of Verbling to help me learn. She’s very fun and easy-going, and is a great listener. I highly recommend Arianna!

Gene, USA

Arianna is a great easy-going teacher, helpful and resourceful.

She can adapt to the student’s learning style and can make learning a language a positive experience. The fact that she speaks multiple languages makes some difficult ideas become easy to understand.

Arianna will help you learn Italian, give you cultural insight, and watch your pronunciation closely.

Roman, USA

Arianna, as always, has been very patient with me – trying to find the Italian expressions that I needed to tell a little story. She is the master of explaining words and meanings. I love her flexibility and humour when I ‘m losing my language abilities… I have increased my Italian vocab and speaking a lot. We are mostly communicating in Italian, which gives me the feeling for the Italian language. I am always looking forward to our next lesson. Cannot wait…

Carola, Germany

Arianna has been a wonderful instructor for me. I needed a few lessons of Italian in order to attend a wedding in Italy and give a speech. She assisted me in the translation, and helped incredibly in the pronunciation and delivery, which I received many compliments from the guests about. I highly recommend Arianna for conversation and cultural insights as her manner is fun and confidence inspiring.

Deborah, USA

Arianna is excellent. I always found learning languages at school hard but Arianna makes it a joy. The lessons are flexible and reflect your day and interests as well as more structured work, Arianna is always adapting her teaching to what works best for you.

Richard, UK

Arianna is a friendly and professional teacher who will guide you through the minefield that can be Italian grammar. She has excellent materials and she will guide you through them in a patient and supportive way.

Jason, USA

Arianna is a fantastic Italian teacher! She has all the material presentable, clean and careful. In addition, her Spanish and English are excellent, so if at any time you have to resort to them to explain something, she does it without problem and very simply. A hit out of 10! 🙂

Edgar, Spain

I love how Arianna has adjusted our lessons to find the best method that suits my learning. It truly does make the learning specific to me. It’s also fun and always reflects what might be happening in my life. Thank you from a someone who has always found learning languages hard.

Richard, UK

Arianna is a really dedicated and engaging teacher! She prepares for her lessons and searches materials, videos, and other content for her students 🙂

 Germán, Spain

I love my classes with Arianna, she is doing a great job paying attention to gramma accuracy and friendly and easy to catch learning approach.

Alexander, Russia

Arianna is creative, patient and flexible. She’s very good at adjusting the lessons according to you interests and needs, and manages to make every class fun. A highly recommended teacher!

Ela, Portugal

Arianna is always fun and supportive. She reflects what I am doing in my life. So patient and keeps you motivated by always changing her teaching style to one that works for you.

Richard, UK

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